Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are universal and can be used anywhere, even under water, compressed air tool can work safely and reliably. Impact wrenches are the most widely used tool when changing wheels in the auto repair shop. Compressed air is a universal energy storage. The compressed air is produced, dried and cleaned at a central location, using compressors and screw compressors. Distributed for use via distribution networks, hose lines and with portable pressure accumulators, so that the compressed air is available everywhere. Tools, machines and pneumatic systems are thus driven. Compressed air, as a drive against the electrical energy has some advantages. These are the insensitivity to water, overload safe, the pneumatic drive stops without blowing. The energy is released without the inrush peak of electric motors. Overheating of the drive due to overload is excluded. In addition, linear movements with pneumatic cylinders are easy to realize. With special blow guns and devices for the generation of vacuum, the scope of application of compressed air tools is extended. The blow gun is expandable with an additional device for sandblasting and suitable for precise cleaning.